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When our Doberman Pinscher Stormy died we were really sad. We wanted a dog again. So Mom and I went to the Humane Society in April 2000 and we adopted THREE dogs. We only went there for one!

Bear and Me

When we went there we wanted to adopt a female puppy. But when we saw him, Bear was around two years old, and had been there too long. He didn't have much time left. No one wanted a full-grown male (he weighed 65 pounds) who had a tendency to run wild. They had named him "Chewbacca" but when we got him home he just seemed like a bear to us. Bear was part Golden Retriever, and part Chow Chow. He was furry, and he was affectionate. His nickname was "Lickytongue". On August 5, 2002  Bear got out of the house, and he tried to cross a highway. He didn't make it. We miss him very much.

Kimiko and her papers

Kimiko was ten weeks old when we got her. She's 2 years and 5 months old now. She's part Chow Chow (her tongue is black!), and part Akita. Her coat is cream with tan points. She looks like a small white wolf and she howls like one, too. The dogs she's descended from are "guard dogs", and she's a good one, but she's really a sweetheart with her family (us). She must have springs in her hind legs because she can bounce three feet off the ground straight up!! Sometimes she acts sort of like a cat.


Suki is also 2 years old now, but she was only 8 weeks old when she came home with us. She's part black Labrador Retriever, part something else (maybe Dalmatian because she has white feet with black spots). According to my mom, she's also part termite, because she ate all kinds of wood stuff in our house, like our tables and chairs! She finally outgrew that, though. She's a great guard dog, because she doesn't like anyone who doesn't belong in our family. But we love her and she likes to sleep with us. (Her ear doesn't always stick up, it's just like that in this picture.)

We also have THREE cats. Midnight is 2 years old. He's streamlined and jet black with yellow eyes. He hates everybody and doesn't like to be around  people or animals. He likes to be outside and sits by the door and screams to go out. He only comes in to eat, and then he hisses at us and leaves. But he's really beautiful.
Then there are the twins, Andy and Bianca. Well, they are brother and sister, even if they aren't exactly twins. Andy is black but nothing like Midnight. He's fluffy and his fur is gray underneath the black outside. You can see dark stripes in his fur, too. His eyes are bluish gray.
Bianca is a gray tabby. She has the same color eyes, but she has shorter fur than Andy. She's smaller than Andy, too. He weighs four pounds and she only weighs three, but she's just as feisty as he is. 
We also have two love birds, Aaron and Amanda. We have tropical fish, too. We started with one tank, and now we have four. We used to have twelve, but that was too much work! Mom made a website that shows some of the different kinds we have.

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