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Hello, I'm The Queen of Cheeze.

My son ... the Chrizwiz, (A.K.A. Chris, 8 and 3/4 years old) ... recently taught me how to make tiled backgrounds and buttons.
Am I proud? You bet.

These are our first attempts. Some are a little more polished than others, but they're all offered in fun. If you see something you like, help yourself, they're free to use.
(Please save a graphic to your own hard drive by right clicking your mouse. Do NOT link to this page. Things change a lot, and you'll likely lose your image.)


It's not absolutely necessary, of course, but we would appreciate it if you could link back to us. If you choose to do so, please choose one of the following icons:


Our banner:


or the Castle Chrizwiz logo:


or the button:


and link it to


We thank you.


Come back from time to time and see what's new, we're going to keep practicing.


Castle Chrizwiz Grafix: backgrounds / Castle Chrizwiz Grafix: buttons


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